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Meet Tara

Owner of The Digital Perspective Marketing

Tara came into the Digital Marketing world out of a need to help the local company she was working with survive the 2020 pandemic. From there she grew a passion for helping other local-based businesses thrive in an ever-changing digital market.

The main goal of The Digital Perspective Marketing is to help your company get exactly what it needs to thrive without having to pay expensive agency fees or make major costly mistakes. TDP's customized options allow you to pick and choose the support and services you need. What are you waiting for? Let's get started!

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What does "small" business mean?

Even though we often describe ourselves as a collective of digital marketers specializing in "small businesses" we're not worried about the size of your company. In fact, we're more focused on the scope. We want to work with businesses that focus on their customer's needs first, businesses without the need or resources to have a full-blown marketing team. These businesses often look like the local coffee shop everyone stops in on their way to work or the mom-and-pop rental company that the community knows and loves. Our goal is to integrate and adapt ourselves to become an outside resource you can trust to work with for years to come. We show up for your business's specific needs, we don't push or oversell or make promises we can't keep. We work with your goals in mind to help your "small" business thrive.

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